The Facilitators 

The Facilitators role is to guide the participants in taking responsibility for the outcome of their own process.

Liza Jane McAlister

Liza Jane McAlister is a co-faciliator for the Wallowa County Batterers’ Intervention Program. She worked as the first Executive Director of Safe Harbors, the local domestic violence program for 14 years and founded the WCBIP program in 1996. Liza Jane was appointed by the Attorney General to his task force for developing the Oregon State Standards for Batterers’ Intervention, the State of Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force and the Governor’s Domestic Violence Council. She achieved Advanced Threat Assessment Certification from Gavin De Becker in 2005.



Gail is a co-facilitator for WCBIP. She has been working with abusive and controlling men for over 16 years in the classroom setting which has provided her significant insight and understanding of the abusive mindset and the beliefs these men hold which give them permission to commit violence to their partners and children. She subscribes to the belief that violence and control are choices some men make and these men can learn to make new choices in being with a partner that are respectful and non-violent. She also worked for 10 years as a volunteer victim's advocate for the women's shelter in Wallowa County which gave her a deep understanding of the impact violence has on victims. 

Gail has a BS in education and Masters of Business Administration. In her prior career she worked both in education and business management. 




To reach a facilitator you may call 541-398-1434, if no one is in the office please leave a message. If it is an emergency, call 911. 

Do not contact facilitators at their workplace or home. 

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