Wallowa County Batterers' Intervention Program (WCBIP) works with men who have committed violent acts against their partners. Although men are able to enter the program voluntarily, most are court ordered to complete program. WCBIP views violence as a choice and, therefore, differentiates itself from a counseling service, anger management or substance abuse program. 

WCBIP is a cooperative effort requiring sincere and active participation while involved in the program. Goals for participants include: 

  • Increase their understanding of the causes, types and effects of their battering behavior.

  • Identify the thoughts and underlying beliefs that support their battering. 

  • Experience and respectfully respond to confrontation.     

  • Challenge domestic violence in a culturally appropriate way, keeping in mind culture is never an excuse for violence.

  • Identify and challenge the specific tactics used to justify violence. These may include; denying, victim stance, victim blaming, minimizing, justifying and rationalizing. 

  • Identify and accept the personal responsibility and accountability for their actions, as it relates to abuse and violence. 


Participants are responsible for all fees associated with the program including intake, workbook and each class. 

Classes take place every Monday from 6 - 8 PM in the BIP office. 764 NW First St. Enterprise. 


764 NW First St

Enterprise, OR


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If you or someone you know if being hurt, say something. You can call the national 24 hour hotline 1-800-799-7233 or the local crisis line 541-426-6565. In the case of an emergency please dial 911.