What is Batterers' Intervention?

The mission of this program is to keep victim safety a priority while holding offenders accountable for their actions and beliefs, and making all program decisions based on this focus. We believe in actively participating in a coordinated community response to end domestic violence.

WCBIP is a minimum of 52 weeks long. The participants, along with a female and male facilitator meet weekly for two hours. During this time the men are asked to look at the choices they have made to be violent* and discover their beliefs that gave them permission to do so. By using a specific curriculum, workbook, facilitated discussions and other educational materials, the group addresses:

  • Responsibility, accountability, respect and equality

  • Power and control

  • The language of violence

  • The tactics of violence

  • Impact on partners, children and family

  • Identification of beliefs that give permission to use violence

  • Development of non-violent beliefs

  • Development of intervention and accountability plans

  • Identification and interruption of their on-going patterns of violent behavior  


Wallowa County Batterer's Intervention Program was established in 1996. We adhere to The Oregon Department of Justice Batterer Intervention Rules.

*What is Domestic Violence?

     Domestic Violence is an ongoing, chosen pattern of coercive control in which a person has the intention of gaining or maintaining control over their partner and/or children by using violent behaviors. These actions include physical abuse, intimidation, isolation, emotional abuse, economic abuse, sexual abuse and others. For more information about Oregon Domestic Violence Law, click HERE.